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GMY’s mission is to empower youth towards developing and enhancing life skills, and to assist in making positive, successful decisions that impact youth’s home, school, health and community life. Our therapeutic mentors (TM) will meet with their assigned mentee ages 5-18 and assess their individual needs and develop a custom- ized service plan identifying their short and long term goals in collaboration with their par- ent/custodian and therapist.

Vera Kurdian,
Program Director

Ashleigh Athens,
LGSW Rehab Specialist Carroll County
Our Team
Marvie Corbett,
LCSW-C Area Rehabilitation Supervisor for Frederick,
Carroll and Washington County
Casey Theriault,
Susan Fertig,
LGSW Rehab Specialist Frederick County
Chelsea Moreau,
LCPC Area Rehab Supervisor for Baltimore and Prince
Goerges counties.
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